Our Story

We are a real Reggio-inspired brick-and-mortar preschool in Sammamish, WA. We have been working with families in our community for over four years. Because of the current Covid crisis, we started transitioning online in the spring 2020.

We started with a simple book club for our current students, then added online summer camp option for our students and their friends and because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we decided to share our love for art, science and play with even more families – here. 

We encourage you to browse our past classroom and online projects on our main website, blog.artreekids.com.

The Program

We now publish our online lessons 3 times a week and they are roughly 30 minutes long. They follow the seasons and all the stuff that we know the kids love. We read a book, make art, sing songs and get moving every day. We do phonics, Math and science together (all through play) . We offer a lot of additional games, activities and challenges when the kids go offline.

Lessons consist of:

  • Exploring our theme of the week
  • Listening to a story (and analyzing it)
  • Singing songs
  • Playing games, dancing or learning new yoga poses
  • Making art together
  • Phonics, Math or Science (every week)
  • Encouraging kids to go outside and explore on their own
  • Printable games and activities every week
  • Encouraging sharing stories and pictures
  • Monthly STEAM challenges for the whole family

For more details, see the How It Works section.

The People

My name is Eva and I am a homeschooling mom (of three highly active and creative kids), and an owner and a lead teacher at Artree Preschool, Sammamish, WA.  I have been teaching kids about art for well over a decade and published 36 issues of digital art magazine for kids (arTree Magazine). I love art and I love working with kids and I am very excited to be able to combine my two passions into this small package.

My name is Adela and I am a mom of a toddler who never stops exploring and who'll become a preschooler before I know it. I am also a technical product manager at Starbucks. Helping out during the Covid crisis is a no-brainer and it's a pleasure to support Eva in this online journey. I help record the videos and focus on the behind-the-scenes technical setup. Even though I am not in the videos, you can always hear me sing along!