The End of the Dinosaurs

Single Lesson

Any lesson from the school year bundle is available individually for a one-time $3 fee. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes. Your kids make art, sing songs and dance with us. We read books and analyze them, learn phonics, math and science all through play. We offer numerous additional games, activities and challenges for the whole family. We will recommend helpful preceding lessons for relevant topics.

In this lesson we will:

  • Find our more fun facts about dinosaurs
  • Sing a dino song together
  • Finish decoration our dinosaur
  • Come up with a name and a story for our dinosaur

Please have these supplies on hand:

  • Printout sheet for the dinosaur story (from lesson content)
  • Gems, feathers, pom poms and other small things to decorate our dinosaur with
  • Glue gun or white glue
  • Pencil or a sharpie

Lesson Content

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    Single Lesson 093: The End of the Dinosaurs

    • Lesson Overview

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    • The End of the Dinosaurs

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