2020-2021 School Year Bundle

Available with Subcription

What is a bundle?

  • We offer subscription-based access to all our lessons as a bundle which will be released incrementally in the 20-21 school year, from September through June, plus a summer camp activity in July and August
  • The regular subscription cost is $45 per month, billed automatically to your credit card each month
  • Current welcome-to-2021 special: $30 per month

When can I access the content?

  • We have a topic for each month, starting with Getting to Know Each Other in September
  • We release three lessons for each week, starting with the week of Monday, September 7th (content will be available on Sunday evening)

What about a social connection?

  • We also bring in a social aspect to online learning through our private Facebook group and a community section within this learning platform
  • This is where you can share pictures of your child’s art after each lesson, and let your child see pictures of other classmates' art